Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weevils in brown rice! eeks!

Latest update!
I know I have said I'm tired but this is an emergency! EEEEEkkkkS!!! lots of creepy crawlie weevils from my brown rice bucket!!!!!

Please click on them for better clrity and I know they are small but there are alot!!! ALOT! This is my second attempt at taking their photographs because the 1st time I went near them, my skin started crawling and it itches! And I started to scratch on imaginary bumps.... eeeeeew.

I asked my mum, would they jump on me? Like on my camera? She said they won't but they can run fast man!

Look here, it says one female weevil lay an egg into the grain and it will just multiply. How did the one get in?
Click here for more information on their life cycle.

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