Friday, April 24, 2009

Blue Ginger

I had blue ginger bento catered for lunch today. There is a department meeting on the last Friday of each month. 
The peranakan food was good, Chilli sedap! Yums!
Can you imagine that a packed lunch can be so good? *Drool*

Duck Salad 
Shreds of roasted duck tossed with Nonya sauce on a bed of greens

Ayam Panggang “Blue Ginger” 
Deboned chicken thigh and drumstick flavoured with coconut milk rich in exotic spices and grilled to perfection

Chap Chye Masak Titek 
A typical peranakan mixed vegetable dish specially prepared in a tasty prawn stock

Ikan Masak Assam Gulai 
Fresh mackerel simmered in spicy tamarind gravy flavoured with lemongrass
Otak Otak 
Prepared in our kitchen, our homemade fishcake recipe will tantalize your taste buds with turmeric and lime leaves enriched with galangal, chilli, candlenuts and shrimp paste.


Gula Melaka 
Chilled sago topped with honey sea coconut

Look at the amount of food! Of course they are in small portion, but they are really rich, plus the belachan was so good and spicy that for a moment I was afraid I will get a sore throat again. Gosh, I must go to the restaurant at Tanjong Pagar when I have the time. 

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