Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bee Bear to the rescue!

hubby's wrist is hurting from the prolonged used of computer usage.
therefore, bee bear (hunnie' gift from Thailand) has accompanied him to work to make him feel better. to help ease the strain on his wrist.
although, i must think his other colleagues must think him weird to carry this cutie at the desk.
him? he doesn't care.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Potter and Friends

Last Thurs, we rushed to Great World to watch the fifth instalment of Harry Potter - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
In prevention of memory lapse between the Goblet of Fire and Order of Phoenix, I watched the DVD of the former while evryone in Sg is rushing to the theatre for the lattter.. so we actually watched the movie 2 weeks later than most people.

The movie is good! More character building and in depth acting (see Harry when he is being mind controlled and tormented by Voldemort) than the 4 previous stories. The special effects never ceased to amaze me. The fireworks sequence during the exams and crashing of glass towards the finale. Wow!
Production of the HP movies are never easy. The team keep trying to outdo thenselves. So much time and effort to perfect a single scene. I having nothing but admiration for these animators.

from Thurs onwards, I crave for cup of Hot Earl Grey Tea (the weather does play a part) and cookies and muffin and lots of roast beef (?). heh.

Laksa at Kopi Tiam. Yummy!

Anniversary Dinner

last Friday, we had a belated anniversary celebration (6 years!)at Bar and Billard, Raffles Hotel.
The buffet was fantabulous! There's foie gras, lobster, oyster, outdoor BBQ (which we only realised after we were stuffed), lamb, beef, rows of dessert, assortment of cheese and lots more.
Seriously, I don't think anyone could have tried and finished everything at any one time. There's simply too much!
After tasting the food, we were convinced that our wedding buffet came from the same restaurant.

Using up the last of the vouchers and hotel stay, we had a good time.
The bath soak was good. Really hot water, raindrop showers, piped in music for the toilet and...

Coffee and burger King in bed for breakfast on a cold day!

On sat, there was a huge downpour.
it's quite a nice, relaxing feeling.. standing at 18 storeys looking at raindrops falling into the pool.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

somewhere old - National Museum

havent stepped into the national museum for a long long time.
wanted to attend an exhibit on a banquet set in stone so we trotted happily to the museum (very hot weather) and when i set my eyes on this building, i thought of Hokkaido, and the architecture that it's sighted in Hakodate.
These buldings are prefect. the structure, the colonial empowerment. It's s sight i havent paid attention to in many years.
Life is beautiful.
Old is beautiful. Please dont erase the country's history. it is what made us believe and belonged.
somewhere in there, there had been some renovation to brighten and modernised the place.
fortunately, it adds character and compliments the old.

in seclusion

secret garden

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Deja Vu and more

saturday was spent lazing at home. rain in the morning and nice breeze for the rest of the day.
we had an early dinner, watched some TV on 54 and decided to watch our long over due DVD that we had since 1st June!
not too bad, some part a liitle far fetched, rest as with all thrillers, exciting and I don't mind anything from the producer of CSI and TAR!

Earlier in the day, the hubby watched "Letters from Iwo Jiwa" while I snoozed away. Not because of the show. Just wanted to sleep.

Most of you know that we are a DVD couples. venturing to cinemas only when we have a free tix, great shows that we are dying to catch and of course the movie HAS to be watched on a wide screen with surround sound etc.
Like next week Harry Potter? I'm a die hard fan. Watched every single movie in the cinema. Since 2001. That's how long we have been together *smiles*
We grew up with Harry! Daniel and the rest of the gang!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

It has been a week.
I'm very happy.
Like a dream, the day passes by in a flurry...
Remains in my heart, my memory, senses and touch.
Recorded in prints, on video..
In images in my mind.
Wanting to do it again, to relive the day with you again.
Misses the excitment. the anxieties, the sensation of pure joy.

But here you are.. and this is the present to be grateful for.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

our quiet getaway

Just 3 days into our domesticated life, we headed off into a quiet suite of lush vegetation, charming english scones, antique beds and nice tubs for a well deserved soak right in the heart of Singapore.
A complimentary room stay from our wedding. the luxury of checking in at 530pm till 24 hrs later.

walking into the room and we were greeted with a basketful full of fruits. Dragon fruit, grapes, oranges, granny smith, grapefruit and a box of chocolates.
here's looking out of the antique window from the dining room into the bedroom..

The huge comfy bed!

Another antique! Cupboard that houses a TV (small, not very good.. around 21 inch) ands a Bose CD/ radio player (reception not very clear, and pity we didn't bring our CDs)

Always love a relaxing soak...

guess what does this contains? i thought it was jus for deco.. only till later did i rrealise that it was full of bath salts!

Complimentary chocolates.

we had a good rest.
everything is so seculded..