Sunday, July 8, 2007

Deja Vu and more

saturday was spent lazing at home. rain in the morning and nice breeze for the rest of the day.
we had an early dinner, watched some TV on 54 and decided to watch our long over due DVD that we had since 1st June!
not too bad, some part a liitle far fetched, rest as with all thrillers, exciting and I don't mind anything from the producer of CSI and TAR!

Earlier in the day, the hubby watched "Letters from Iwo Jiwa" while I snoozed away. Not because of the show. Just wanted to sleep.

Most of you know that we are a DVD couples. venturing to cinemas only when we have a free tix, great shows that we are dying to catch and of course the movie HAS to be watched on a wide screen with surround sound etc.
Like next week Harry Potter? I'm a die hard fan. Watched every single movie in the cinema. Since 2001. That's how long we have been together *smiles*
We grew up with Harry! Daniel and the rest of the gang!

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