Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Finale - SO SAD!

Now or Never
Meredith (closing voiceover): Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow. 

I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy since season 4,  episode 5. Simple because I was bored and I didn't feel the urge to follow every weekly on channel 5. And not forgetting, channel 5 have the tendency to interrupt the show... like episode 6 will be shown one month later etc.

The recent news of Meredith and Derek's wedding and Izzie has a brain tumor and might be leaving the show and her wedding to Alex sparks an interest to watch the finale. I found this online and I was so sad watching it, even though it's only the last 5 mins.... especially when the Bus Man wrote onto Meredith palm. And how happy Alex was that Izzie remembered and she suddenly crashed in the next moment. 

It's like life... say I love you freely, treasure and hold because... it might be gone tomorrow. *sob..sniff*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sometime in mid April, we went to Tanglin Mall and decided on a nice dinner at Oomphatico's.

It is expensive but we were lucky to be there on a weekday so we had 50% off our bill with Citibank card.

I can't remember the names of the dishes as they are very long but I like the pitta and dips and the prawn salad. The calamari is abit soggy as it's cooked differently. The Australia steak is thick and juicy. *Mouth waters*

The interior of the restaurant, very country.

Left: Pitta bread and dips, prawn salad and calamari

Left: Australia steak, the white foamy stuff is horseradish mousse and self baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

163 Tanglin Road
#01-35 Tanglin Mall

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cappuccino Ice Blended®

Cappuccino Ice Blended®
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Taste a little bitter, guarantee to give the kopi kick!

Twilight & Farm Town

The last week passes so quickly. I had a haircut and ate at Tampopo Liang Court with Ron & A, Lu, Yu & SY.. all at 50% because of a rewards card! You accumulate a stamp for every $10 you spend and you will get a drink after the first row, soba after the second and 50% off after the 3rd! Unfortunately, they are discontinuing the card. =(

Other than that, I have just started Farm Town on FB and am currently addicted though only started for a day.

I also have 2 books due at the library.

And.... I watched Twilight on DVD last Sunday! I know it's a bit late cos it has already been shown in the cinema last Dec and I only just watched it recently. But the show though cheesy is great! Vampire with no fangs, skin sparkles like diamonds.... Great! Vegetarian... strange concept but oh well.. the truth is Edward is so handsome and gentlemanly. Maybe that's because he belongs to the early 20th century? (Got bitten in the 1918 Spanish Flu)
I should read the book as I have read reviews that the movie missed some information from the book but I don't have the time. There are so many things to read. Maybe I should spend less time online...

oooooh... can't wait for New Moon.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hubby's Taiwan Trip IV

Left: Tai Yang Bing, Feng Li Su with a taste of cheese, Feng Li Su 凤梨苏(Pineapple cake)

Left: Lots of Mochi! Stamps from Taiwan for me!

Lots of pressies for me, too much food but really yummy!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hubby's Taiwan Trip III

The donut Lion on the left is so cute!
Nope, he did not buy all the donuts, think that's just for display only.

The university provided the fan he 盒 for his lunch. Unlike Singapore where they normally catered buffet, Taiwan will just provide 

I like the old fashioned keys to the hotel room.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hubby's Taiwan Trip II

The streets of Xi Men Ding 西. Lots of food, shops and people.

I'm so jealous, he gets to eat smelly tofu. I have always wanted to try how it taste or even to smell it. But when I went Hong Kong in 2001, I didn't see any on the streets..  it's supposed to be plentiful and the smell will lead you to the stall, but I couldn't find any.

Anyway, I asked him how smelly was the tofu, he said like smelly shoes.
I asked.. yours or mine? (''0") heheh.

But he said that when he bit into it, it taste normal, not like what the TV describes as heavenly.

But this, these 2 are heavenly. Something like Ice Kachang but smoother shaved ice. Anchorpoint basement has something similar. I tried the Mango shaved ice and though sweet, was very refreshing and the mango bits are plentiful.

I want to go Taiwan to eat. 

Beat the Flu!

This picture was used in our email informing us of the flu vaccination in the upcoming week. It is funny and I'm amused every time I saw this.

So Singapore has steeped down to yellow officially tomorrow but Japan now has 3 confirmed cases, Korea still 2 and Australia 1. It is inching towards us, will we get it? Sg is such a busy port, thousands of travelers are entering or transiting everyday.. But the good news is that the fatality rate is low so recovery seems quite positive.

Well, we'll just have to see how it goes.

we dowan to get swine flu...

So in the midst of work and donning of N95 masks, we took time out to make swine jokes and my colleagues fool around with the masks and pigs. And just to add on, the masks are clean and will be reused on humans, so no wastage is seen. Haha.

It's Sunday again and it is so sian to return to  work tomorrow. My boss will be back from Spain so no more no government (Boh Jeng Hu) days. Spain is not listed as affected country so no quarantine is necessary.

On a positive note, WY will be coming tomorrow and though I'm not involved in the study, I'm happy to be able to see her! And I'm also planning to take my Vesak Day PH in lieu on 9 May (Saturday) soon. Maybe the following Monday.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You are encouraged to.... but....

It's now 215pm and I'm typing this on my Lotus Notes.

I don't mean to whine but I'm so frustrated right now.. well not as bad as this morning.
Because of the H1N1 flu, Singapore is in a fight (no flight) mode. MOH has issued an orange alert and everyone is taking temperature, people in hospitals are wearing surgical mask along the corridor, N95 mask if you have less than 1metre contact with patients. I understand the anxiety we all have, I certainly do not want to take chances and have a widespread epidemic here like the SARS period and I certainly do want everyone to be safe and sound. And I definitely do not want to bring the virus home with me.


Sometimes I can't help but feel that it's may be an over reaction... South Korea has 2 confirmed cases, HK 1 and some Singaporeans are quarantined in the HK hotel and yes, it may be coming or it's already here as I type. I have a colleague in the next cubicle coughing persistently .. should I be scared? is she infected? well.. she could be. Anyone here could be. We wear our masks almost all the time, but we DO have to take it off when we eat and when we do.. we breathe in the virus and for those with URTI.. passes it on.

In Germany, there was a patient who was admitted for something else but developed the flu as an inpatient. He passed it on to the nurse taking care of him who unfortunately was not wearing a mask. That is so suay. Haiz.

But I really hate it when we are encouraged to do certain things but it has an underlying threat beneath.


You are encouraged not to travel to affected countries unless necessary (this I understand) BUT if you do travel to any countries that became listed as one of the affected countries while you are there, you will need to do a nasal swab or be quarantine for 7 days on your personal time (AL). Oh, and the swab cost around $250 and guess what? I'll have to pay for it and not my company.

That's not the part that makes me angry.

Healthcare workers are encouraged to go for the flu jab.
There's no official email on this but I heard from my supervisor that if you do not have the jab and you get H1N1, the company will not pay for your medical fee.

What the *&%^*%* !!!

No thank you, I'm not going to have virus jabbed into me. The vacinnation is not for H1N1, it's for northern and southern hemisphere seasonal flu and this vacnine do not guarantee that you will not get H1N1.


Anyway, Vaxigrip has lots of side effects and I really do not want to have fever or scarly get Guillain-Barre syndrome. Ok, that's like 1% only .. but read what happen in 1976.

Excuse me while I go take my temperature.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Labour Day weekend

It was a lovely long Labour Day weekend. We (together with Ron & A) visited Von and Rash's baby girl born 29 Apr 09. Due to the Swine Flu alert, we did not visit her at the hospital. Instead, we went to their place and chatted for an hour.

Later in the day, we went back to Ron & A's place and spent the rest of the afternoon with Lu.
Look at how big he is now. He's now 10mths and 2 weeks and he has grown so much and he has so much hair! =)

Later, we went to GWC and had dinner.

Left: Me & Lu, Ron and baby girl.