Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wistful thinking

Holidays are such a bliss...
I wish this would never end.

X'mas was good. Dinner with friends, turkey and ham and lovely home made cakes and tiramisu.
2008 shall be good.
With you around, we will weather all storms.

Today marks our 6 months anniversary.
Thinking of it makes me feel all warm inside.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

X"mas is in the air

Here's what greets you when you enter the office.

Here's the snowy man.. I have been waiitng for it to snow. But .. not a single flake.

A nice box of Famoue Amos cookies from weiying. Yums!

Wish-a-lot bear from Zul...awww.. so sweet. I was very surpise and happy!

With Weiying's Sunshine bear.

And finally... cosying up with Strawberry Shortcake (Strawberrie) and keeping each other company in this cold cold office.

Work today is not so good at work though we were fooling around...
Was in a position that is strange...
Made a mistake. Felt lousy.
well.. we will leave it for next year.
These stuffs never ends.

X'mas is fun... it leaves a kind of nostalgic feeling in me.
Longing for something...
I want to be with you. You are my love support.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

We are well!

Realised that I haven't update our blog.
Fact is, we are lazing around in this rainy season.
Just relaxing in each other company.

I have recovered, I hope the bug don't strike again.
Hubby too... Just that now I have to watch that he doesn't go on a rampage and snack on too much chips.. err.. that applies to me too. Heh.

Ok, time for lunch and more lazing around.

work stuffs

I have done something unintentionally to hurt another person.
It wasn't deliberate, but I was told that I could have done it differently.
I felt it was the best approach.

Should I be so quick to judge?
But somehow, I don't get good vibes. Something is nagging inside....To be careful.
But well, work is after all just work. 8 hours and it should not eat you.

I need to separate work and my live.
I cannot keep thinking of who is going to back stab me, make use of me etc.
I'm wary and on my guard.
That is not healthy.

Not keen to play politics.. but who is playing whom?