Tuesday, November 16, 2010

coffee.. caffeine..toffee nut latte and happiness

bought this coffee from Mediya during a sale. Not too bad.

Pike Place roast from Starbucks. Full bodied and great for breakfast wake me up. Not acidic, just what I like. Wishing SB would reissue it again.

My favourite time of the year - Christmas! Seeing Toffee nut latte makes me dreamy and happy and peaceful. Another fav is Dark cherry Mocha. Like it blended, perfect after work buy and carry along while window shopping drink. =)
Need to try the peppermint mocha. peppermint is not one of my favourite but I should give it a try if I can.

Hazy October

We were invaded by the haze started by our Indonesian neighbour. It was bad. 24 hrs of non stop inhalation of burnt air and smoke. Lasted for about 10 days and it finally ended after 2 days of continuous rain. The pictures above was taken on 22 and 23 Oct, somewhere around the peak of the haze. Highest PSI reading was around 106. Read somewhere that the higest PSI reading was around 170-190 in 1998(?). Gosh! can't imagine how that feels and I have no recollection of the haze then.

Makan_10: Oct and Nov

cous cous with roasted chicken from cold storage

vegetarian pasta

hamburger steak with sunny side up (purplecreme's farwell =()

Ribeye steak at Marche (Z's farewell)

there're just too many farewells... =*( .. sad.