Monday, November 26, 2007

Cute alert!

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The bug caught us!

Hubby and I are both sick.
I caught it first.. close to 2 weeks.. lost my voice.. coughing... chesty.
Yellow, Green now all clear.. phlegm I mean.

Thought Hubby can avoid it but now he's officially sick. Seen the Dr on sat. Coughing and sore throat.
we slept a lot this weekend.
2 of us with non stop coughing. sigh.
And I don't seem to be recovering. My voice is still as hoarse and I just feel this tingly itch inmy throat. Heard that this flu season affects the vocal cords.
Maybe I should speak less. hmm..

But we are so tired and we can only take the cough mixture before we sleep.. else we would be drowsy the entire day.

Take care dear friends! Good nite!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Help Me!

Hahah! Saw this toilet signage at Clarke Quay.. think next to forbidden city or somewhere there.
Found it really interesting and fun.. It really caught my attention.. wonder how's the male toilet's signage is.. hmm..
May start a toilet project or something.. some toilets are really interesting.
Well, will start it when I can.. but again.. no promise that it will be continued (heheh... I keep giving up halfway .. *opps!)

Macarons! Happiness in a box...

We have never eaten this before.. wanted to try everything at least once.
Found this shop Gobi at Central Mall.
It taste really sweet.. even hubby who have an extremely sweet tooth declared it sweet!
Is it really meant to be sweet? I read that the pastry part ( top and bottom) are made of meringue right?
They have 7 flavours, love the chocolate and white tea? or is it rose?
Anyhow, it's $15.80 for 6 pieces. Think it's quite Ex. May spend the money on some other food...
Also, I found out that Robertson Quay Hotel has a shop that sells macarons too. Wonder if it will taste different.. know their flavours are different.


Monday, November 12, 2007

so we walked along the streets today.
ended up with shiny, polished teeth =)
nothing in particular, we walked, held hands, talked and I shopped. (heeheh)
Just enjoying every moment with you.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nanako Matsushima

Hubby and I both love Japan, japanese food, watching movies (DVD), lazing around and love the vastness of nature.
There's one thing which we both realised we heart after our initial accquintance.
Yes! We both admire Nanako!
Not sure if it started fro GTO .. but I know I enjoy watching her act, how she lits up the screen and how beautiful and elegant she is.. Eg, Story of one Century, Ice world..
My hubby does too. He knows the drama she acted in and we had a fun time reminiscing the good old days of Jap shows before Korean craze took over.

Anyhow, her current show is in "Liu Xing Hua Yuan 2", small part. SHe is now pregant and we can't wait for her to act in a lead role again!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

All the best!

A dear friend and a very supportive boss/ supervisor has resigned from my company.
Her last day is on Wed.. 7th Nov.
My heart is very heavy and so are those that are close to her.
we know that she has a new chapter in her life, that all the good that she has done for us and the support, encouragment, love and fun that we had will never be forgotten.
This emptiness will take awhile to go away.
Looking at her empty cubicle doesn't make me feel good.
She has taught me so much in life and I will miss her.
I wish her all the best in her new role and future.
This friendship means so much to me.

Thank you.

The Heartaching Team.. with her present!

Friday, November 9, 2007

A day away at Novotel

Hubby has decided to get me away from it all. Not too far, just somewhere near the Japanese village...
Liang Court (major reno, very messy) where it houses Mediya, my all time favourite supermarket and a smaller Kinokuniya bookshop.

Checked in this afternoon, and I slept like a baby.. I was so so tired. When I woke up, it was around 645am.. I looked out of the window and saw the lights.. pretty.
Here's the comfy bed.

Desk with internet access. Yup, the reason I'm blogging real time is because I brought along my Apple. Just wanted to upload pictures and to log on Facebook if I couldn't sleep tonight. Opps. =P

Check out the pretty display of shower gel, shampoo, conditionor, bubble bath etc. Test tubes. haha! but really pretty.

Here's the view from the room when I took it in the afternon. Pool is on the 7th floor, we are on the 23rd. Whoo!
Wish I can swim....

Here's our dinner of Jap food from Mediya. We had sushi, Maki with salmon wrapped around, crab rice with fish roe. Ate my corn cup form Mac again (hehe) and I bought these mini donuts from Kobe. It's a littel crispy, not too sweet, nice biting sensation. There's also an outlet in Central (I think) Not too sure if it's own by a Jap.

There's a a type of pastry with Custard and Red bean inside. Also ate from Mediya before. There isn't any today. I really love that. There's so much filling and it just fills up the mouth.

By the way, as I was typing this post, there're fire alarm that sounded twice. One is a false alarm.. second, no announcement yet. Not very encouraging to shower and sleep leh... heh!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Finally! The long awaited famous donuts from Donut Factory at Raffles City!
There was a shorter Q approx 15 mins to 30 mins (normally 1 to 2 hrs? Crazy!) and so he Q and he bought.
It's heavenly... so soft.. the double chocolate especially. it flows out form the centre and fills the mouth. Yummy...
I can't remember what else I ate.. I know there's Apple cinnamon, raspberry, hazelnut chocolate and some cheese flavour.

Must get.. if the Q is not ridiculously long..