Friday, November 9, 2007

A day away at Novotel

Hubby has decided to get me away from it all. Not too far, just somewhere near the Japanese village...
Liang Court (major reno, very messy) where it houses Mediya, my all time favourite supermarket and a smaller Kinokuniya bookshop.

Checked in this afternoon, and I slept like a baby.. I was so so tired. When I woke up, it was around 645am.. I looked out of the window and saw the lights.. pretty.
Here's the comfy bed.

Desk with internet access. Yup, the reason I'm blogging real time is because I brought along my Apple. Just wanted to upload pictures and to log on Facebook if I couldn't sleep tonight. Opps. =P

Check out the pretty display of shower gel, shampoo, conditionor, bubble bath etc. Test tubes. haha! but really pretty.

Here's the view from the room when I took it in the afternon. Pool is on the 7th floor, we are on the 23rd. Whoo!
Wish I can swim....

Here's our dinner of Jap food from Mediya. We had sushi, Maki with salmon wrapped around, crab rice with fish roe. Ate my corn cup form Mac again (hehe) and I bought these mini donuts from Kobe. It's a littel crispy, not too sweet, nice biting sensation. There's also an outlet in Central (I think) Not too sure if it's own by a Jap.

There's a a type of pastry with Custard and Red bean inside. Also ate from Mediya before. There isn't any today. I really love that. There's so much filling and it just fills up the mouth.

By the way, as I was typing this post, there're fire alarm that sounded twice. One is a false alarm.. second, no announcement yet. Not very encouraging to shower and sleep leh... heh!

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