Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fitting for the name of Puss

cos she's always snoozing between shoes and slippers (2 different racks. I think she would sleep outside my flat if I have a shoe rack there). you can also find her splayed out in the middle of  a flight of stairs relaxing. 

I used to dislike her but now I have a soft spot for her. funny how someone's perspectives changes over time. oh ya, she's warming up to me too I supposed.

Makan_11: Unfriending Friends @ Jelita

Chilled Angel Hair Pasta & Lump Fish Caviar tossed with Seaweed,
Chives and White Truffle Essence

From the Cattle Farm – Grilled Ribeye Steak (220gm) with seasonal
vegetables and garlic mashed potato

lunch with friends. wasn't fantastic, understaffed (only 2) in fully booked restaurant. Beef was hard ( I asked for medium rare) .. and too much tendon. how can it be rib eyed? used our vouchers from online. disappointing for a restaurant hubby and I used to like, reserving it for some special occasions because it's not cheap. I guess at this rate, it's inevitable they have to use discount vouchers to keep themselves afloat. bleeh.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


from Books Actually...

*snip snip*

I had my haircut today. Its now short and chic and so much tidier. I like!