Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A good start to 2008

2 minutes prior to 12 midnight,
we scrambled to take the life down, ran across the road, sprinted up the stairs to the multi-stories carpark.
halfway up the flight of stairs I was panting (I need to exercise..) but I heard the sounds of distant booming and that spurs me on.
Reaching the top of the carpark (yes only 6 stories.. but imagine the whole adrenaline infused process in 3-4 mins) it was all worth it. For across the distant sky, nestled between 2 tall buildings there was a fabulous display of fireworks, it was beautiful.
We stood in awe and silence.
I kissed my hubby and wished him Happy New Year.
I hug my very dear friend and we laugh and drank sparkling juice later.

It's a bonus to watch the fireworks at Marina from a distance, in a quiet neighbourhood. No jostling, no crowds.
WIth people who means alot to me.

Happy New Year my friends!