Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lemons are a good source of vitamin C!

Look how big the lemon is! Almost the size of a grapefruit!

Look what hubby's brother brought back from Perth! Courtesy of our sister in law. Can you imagine growing such huge lemons? Anyway, lemon water (lemon juice mixed with sparkling water) taste so good. It's a good way of detoxing and works especially well if drank early in the morning.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

In despair i found Love

im glad that my hubby stayed with me.
that he did not go to Chong Qing last fri.
i have been awful.. in temper, in behavioural.
i have cried and cried and fallen into despair.

i have sneezed and sneezed and i have been really sick.
i hold on to you everynight.
you are all i have.
my pillar of strength anad support.

can't guarantee when will i get better emotionally and physically.
i feel drained and tired.
dowan to stress you further or add on strain.

but i can't hold it in.
i tried to let go but it keeps eating at me.
i'm tired.

i love you.
Thank you for your love and support.
sometimes you wonder how much and who to trust.

i just felt that it's taken away from me- its not her fault really.
but why do i feel betrayal?

i felt that i'm being abandon and the feeling doesn't go- its not her fault.
but why the emptiness remains?

maybe i should maintain a distance from people.
that it's easier if there's no emotions involved in work.
that it's purely business.
maybe i care too much ... think too much..
that i should just continue to pretend that nothing exist.
I don't feel good. and i dun like these feelings in me.
it's not healthy.
but i can't hold it in any longer.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Darkness and Gloom

It rained today. Heavy showers.
The gloom matched my mood.
Thinking of a nice hot coffee - latte?
Snuggle in bed or just watching the rain drops creating patterns on the window stills.

An escape from the dreary work.

Friday, October 12, 2007

What we are eating for Breakfast!

taste yummy!
so yummy that ants were crawling over the box in an attempt to bite their way thru!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

sweets for treats!

Gold Coast #6- My hubby playing boomerang

He is free and he is happy,
I want to be with him, and want to be like him
His simple pleasures, the joys of life.
i'm not happy...

He is a peaceful man and he let all his anger fade away.
I love you. I love how you live your life.
i need you. you are the reasons.

Look at you, relaxed and happiness surrounds,
I love u, muak.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gold Coast #5- A walk in the woods

Day 4- 7th Sep 2007 (Friday)
Part 1

The sun is out. The weather has taken a turn for the better. Taking advice from the tour counter at Marriot, we booked a day tour with Southern Cross 4WD Tour.

It was GREAT!!

We went up to Mt Tamborine, It's serene, and we were awe strucked by the wonders and beauties of God's creation.
Here's the both of us at the entrance of the Macdonald Rainforest Circuit. 1.4km

On this track we passes throught the rainforest observing
Strangler Fig, finally got to see how it looks like clearly. The last time we saw one was at the Glow Worm Tour on the 1st night. It was raining and was too dark to see the tree clearly.

"These plants begin life as epiphytes, when their seeds, often bird-dispersed, germinate in crevices atop other trees. These seedlings grow their roots downward and envelope the host tree while also growing upward to reach into the sunlight zone above the canopy.
An original support tree can sometimes die, leaving a "columnar tree", central core empty, of the Strangler Fig."

This is AMAZING. We sat in a columnar tree later in the day during a tree top walk.

Eucalyptus Tree .. also known as Gum Tree
Home of Koalas

A fallen tree, uprooted. Here's our guide and fellow tour mates, teachers on school visits (fun bunch- total 5)
It really made me feel small. look at the roots.

We had scones for breakfast. Remember the scone I was telling you about during my "hands on" on the crikey stage show at Dreamworld"? Here it is!

We had BBQ beef and the chef gave me an extra piece of grilled fish (*wink).
The beef was a little overcooked, but otherwise the meal was yummy. fresh salads, strawberries and fruits and drinks such as beers are included.

After the meal, we had fun playing with real stock whip by the creek. It gave off a loud "crack" if performed correctly. Took ahile to get the hang of it. A school teacher got hit by the whip, I think that's becos he wasn't wearing the cowboy hat or something or was playing around, His face was slightly swollen, was given ice. *Ouch!

Here's the whole getup. Hat- checked. Whip- Checked. Bright smile- checked.

With Royd our tour guide.
Doesn't the 4WD looks cool?

I love experiencing nature. How everything is made for a reason, how a rainforest is mapped and planned to ensure that the ecosystem is blanced. It made me remember that the world is more than the evilness that is constantly hovering.
That above all, there is a maker, Someone is watching.

Gold Coast #4- Dove was in Dreamworld!