Monday, May 18, 2009

Twilight & Farm Town

The last week passes so quickly. I had a haircut and ate at Tampopo Liang Court with Ron & A, Lu, Yu & SY.. all at 50% because of a rewards card! You accumulate a stamp for every $10 you spend and you will get a drink after the first row, soba after the second and 50% off after the 3rd! Unfortunately, they are discontinuing the card. =(

Other than that, I have just started Farm Town on FB and am currently addicted though only started for a day.

I also have 2 books due at the library.

And.... I watched Twilight on DVD last Sunday! I know it's a bit late cos it has already been shown in the cinema last Dec and I only just watched it recently. But the show though cheesy is great! Vampire with no fangs, skin sparkles like diamonds.... Great! Vegetarian... strange concept but oh well.. the truth is Edward is so handsome and gentlemanly. Maybe that's because he belongs to the early 20th century? (Got bitten in the 1918 Spanish Flu)
I should read the book as I have read reviews that the movie missed some information from the book but I don't have the time. There are so many things to read. Maybe I should spend less time online...

oooooh... can't wait for New Moon.

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