Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beat the Flu!

This picture was used in our email informing us of the flu vaccination in the upcoming week. It is funny and I'm amused every time I saw this.

So Singapore has steeped down to yellow officially tomorrow but Japan now has 3 confirmed cases, Korea still 2 and Australia 1. It is inching towards us, will we get it? Sg is such a busy port, thousands of travelers are entering or transiting everyday.. But the good news is that the fatality rate is low so recovery seems quite positive.

Well, we'll just have to see how it goes.

we dowan to get swine flu...

So in the midst of work and donning of N95 masks, we took time out to make swine jokes and my colleagues fool around with the masks and pigs. And just to add on, the masks are clean and will be reused on humans, so no wastage is seen. Haha.

It's Sunday again and it is so sian to return to  work tomorrow. My boss will be back from Spain so no more no government (Boh Jeng Hu) days. Spain is not listed as affected country so no quarantine is necessary.

On a positive note, WY will be coming tomorrow and though I'm not involved in the study, I'm happy to be able to see her! And I'm also planning to take my Vesak Day PH in lieu on 9 May (Saturday) soon. Maybe the following Monday.

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