Sunday, July 29, 2007

Potter and Friends

Last Thurs, we rushed to Great World to watch the fifth instalment of Harry Potter - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
In prevention of memory lapse between the Goblet of Fire and Order of Phoenix, I watched the DVD of the former while evryone in Sg is rushing to the theatre for the lattter.. so we actually watched the movie 2 weeks later than most people.

The movie is good! More character building and in depth acting (see Harry when he is being mind controlled and tormented by Voldemort) than the 4 previous stories. The special effects never ceased to amaze me. The fireworks sequence during the exams and crashing of glass towards the finale. Wow!
Production of the HP movies are never easy. The team keep trying to outdo thenselves. So much time and effort to perfect a single scene. I having nothing but admiration for these animators.

from Thurs onwards, I crave for cup of Hot Earl Grey Tea (the weather does play a part) and cookies and muffin and lots of roast beef (?). heh.

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