Sunday, April 5, 2009

Earshot Cafe

29 Mar 2009

Eunice is a special friend of ours with a great singing voice and who is very artistic.

I have known her for about 6 years but as she is often in Canada, we don't get to meet very often. I admire her perseverance towards her music, how she would not conform to the industry packaging and mould and how she works hard to fulfill her dreams. It is not easy.

So I was very happy to receive her invitation to her gig at Earshot Cafe. She practiced 2 weeks for the 1 hr acoustic session. She writes her own song and can sing from soft rock to the Blues.

I can't wait for her CD to be released, but as her songs are considered indie more than mainstream pop, it would need alot of support to bring it onto our Sg shores!

Check out the 2 songs on her FB :
1. Room with No sound
2. Ghost of Babylon

I wished I had a better recording of the night event, but here's what I've got, it's not complete but I hope to share this with you. Unfortunately, I seem to be having problem uploading the video. Will try it again later.

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