Monday, April 6, 2009

It was a rainy rainy day in Singapore

I spent the entire day in the hospital seeing one Dr to another and doing some nerve testing.

Hubby wants to rule out ear  infection so we went to see an ENT Dr in the morning at 1040 am. Seen the Dr, did hearing test, nope, no ear infection, ears are fine. Weakness due to Neuro most likely, better to do MRI... almost $1200 (jaws dropped). Earliest appointment 29 Apr.

Called Neuro, managed to be seen today at 345pm. That's 3 hours away so we went somewhere quieter for lunch.

This picture was snapped there cos it rained very very heavily 2 hours later and the water was raising up the car tyres. 

Miraculously, the rain drizzled and we got a cab back to the hospital, along the way, it started to rain heavily again!

Anyway, different Drs have a different school of thoughts. He thinks it very likely due to the infection I had (not likely to be the attack that the A&E Dr, MO and Prof that saw me in the ward thinks) and sent me for a nerve test. I feel weak on my right side, hubby can measure my strength and felt that I am indeed weaker on the right but the Dr thinks both side are "the same", so what do I? Do I need to be very very sick before someone can tell me what went wrong? He extended my hospitalisation leave.

I hate being giddy, how I "sway" when I close my eyes. I want to be well and have my hair cut. I get scared when I looked at myself in the mirror. How awful I look.

I collected my meds at around 535pm and went home. I'm very tired now.

Beautiful sunset sky.

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