Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday 22 Apr 09

It's Wednesday! I can't believe I'm counting down the days to Friday but I'm so tired and I'm actually looking forward to Labour Day on 1st May.

This cat lives on the 2nd floor. He's very handsome but like the sister of his in the earlier post, he's scared of humans and it's so difficult to take pictures of him. He looks like Dewy, this cat is found in a library drop box and the librarians took great care of him. It's a heartwarming book.

Anyway, my medication has finished on Sun and for some reasons, I'm starting to get giddy again. Is it due to the meds? I felt myself going around in circle but I was actually standing still. It's transient but it means I have to get up slower and move slower!

I had a bout of runny nose today with bad headache.. I really don't want to be sick again. I've spent so much money on health care... =(
I'm going to sleep early today after CSI. It's Grissom last episode. =( =( =(

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