Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas stuffings

I'm stuffed from X'mas day!

X'mas was spent at Ron's place with turkey, ham, pasta, baked fish and cheese & lemon tart! And the great thing was she packed food for my mummy that's enough for all 3 of us!

so we had:

1. Tomato based pasta sauced which I added minced pork into and we had it for lunch yesterday.  ( My mum had it for dinner too.)

2. Turkey gravy that she pureed with celery and carrot (I think - I wasn't really paying attention when we pureed the sauce). I just fried some onions and chicken thigh meat with the sauce, and stewed it with potatoes and carrots. I diluted it with chicken stock. And judging the amount we have in the pot, we'll have it for tomorrow's meal as well. I think the gravy will taste so good with toast wholemeal bread. oh yums!

3. another container of pasta that I will leave for a couple more days. maybe make a salad or something.


I went out with hubby to Orchard road yesterday. There were lots of family taking pictures with half dressed reindeers and with the tree at Ngee Ann city. It's nice to see the lights. But I have a little rant.. I just hate it when there's live singing in departmental stores like Centrepoint and the sound system is too loud. That takes the joy away from shopping. Seriously, how can you think clearly when the singer is blasting into your ear drums when you are trying to make a decision? I'm more of a background music person when shopping.

Which brings me to...

"Dong Dong Dong Chang" music for CNY that's arriving in 6 weeks time, exactly on Valentine's Day. Oh boy, and it's all happening again.

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