Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Japan Short Notes #15

Day 19 - 03/10/09
Watched 表 嫂 performed at Yokohama Chinese Association and met up with Maki and hubby.

Day 20 - 04/10/09
Had dinner with and family.表 嫂 brother cooked us a sumptious dinner of shark fins and 
stewed pig trotters. He is a chef at a 5* hotel.

Day 21 - 05/10/09

表 嫂 sister drove us up to Hakone. The weather was finally cool and it drizzled the entire day. We were initially worried about driving to Hakone as the roads up the mountain area could be slippery and the visibility low. But is wasn't too bad and we had an enjoyable time there.

We also ate eggs cooked in Owakudani geysers, the shell of white eggs turned black after cooking.

Day 22 - 06/10/09

Left Japan with a little heavy heart (JSN #7 here)but missing Singapore very much. Sounds corny but I do miss home and ultimately Sg is home. =)

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