Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Officially missing you & Hero

I came across Jayesslee today and I fell in love with their voice. It's really good and they compliment each other so well. I think it's simply awesome! They are korean-Australian and are from Sydney, Australia. They have put up a lot of videos since a year ago and they sing worship songs and also in Korean.

Hubby and I spent the evening listening to them. Anyway the one on the left is Sonia and right, Janice. Hubby thinks Sonia (left) is sweeter looking but I find Janice prettier. What do you think?

Also, as I was scrolling through their songs, I clicked on Mariah Carey's Hero and believe me, it's good! It's a difficult song and they sang in their own style. All of a sudden,  I don't dislike that song as much as when MC sang it (too much lah)! Hahaaha.

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