Monday, November 30, 2009

Dinner conversation

One of hubby's distance cousin is now in Japan and staying over at our cousin's place (same room that we stayed recently) for a couple of days.

Hubby met niece K  over MSN today and was told that the above mentioned cousin said that our cousin's house is dirty. Em..  that's not tactful and come across very rude, don't you think? Please lah, let you stay for free still expect so much, they give you clean sheets, run bath for you in case you want a soak after a long day touring, make you breakfast, give you nice thick comforter, feed you fruits, tell you to make yourself at home, and most likely set up internet access in your room so as to let you stay connected... I think that's very kind and hospitable and di jia zhi zhu. I don't expect so much yet they did that and more. It's a Japanese home, so things are different from Sg. Anyway that man is close to 40.

I wonder how they reacted to this comment.

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