Saturday, November 21, 2009

Into the chute

As I'm typing this, a man is in our kitchen hammering away on our wall where the dustbin chute used to be. As hubby's luck should have it, the door of the dustbin kena stuck when he threw the milk carton away this morning, then he tried to scrap away chucks of the cement and some stuffs, hammer and pry and finally the door closes, but not fully.

For fear of cockroaches creeping in later.. we decided to part with our money again and called the no. in the classified.

$280 is very ex leh. There's one for $120, but it's the very old fashioned kind that juts out. There's another $180 type but no stock... so we have made our choice.

In a way, it's better to live in the newer HDB flats because the dustbin chutes are in the common corridor and the Town Council will attend to the maintenance. ( I called TC for help and ask for any licensed contractors to recommend) but having a chute in the house also makes it convenient. Oh well, just be contented and make do with what we have now. Same goes for the joy of hanging clothes out into the sun in old flats versus new flats, where drying clothes does not equals to fabrics flapping in the wind and tanning in the sun.

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