Thursday, November 19, 2009

Japan Short Notes #13

Day 14- 29/09/09

We spent the day touring Kyoto.

Places that we visited:
Our collective responses when we first sighted this building was "WOW! It's gold leh!" Then we started debating between us whether it's made up entirely of gold or just plated.  Truly impressive!

Not so fantastic buffet lunch at the Kyoto Handicraft Centre. The entire group that we toured with consisted mainly of Caucasians, with  only 3 Asian couples. The funny thing was that because we are Asians, many assumed that we do not understand English very well, and were largely ignored by the tourists in this group. Ok, there weren't much time to socialised but the fun part is sitting next to 2 men from Germany (I think) trying to hit on a lone female traveller. One guy speaks better English and kept interrupting his friend (who was struggling with his English) and whom kept clarifying that his Japanese girl friend in Japan is just a friend and nothing special. Haha.. that's entertainment and they were rather loud!
By the way, KHC sells lots of Kimono and they are all so pretty! The decorative dolls and souvenirs were all so cute! I  wanted to buy it all, but senses and hubby prevails and I only bought a doll.

After lunch, we visited:

To be honest, we were both so tired at the end of the day that we couldn't really remember the temples and details of the places that  that we visited. It was crowded with school kids on excursion trips and alot of tourists! Kyoto is really a tourist destination spot! And it's proven by my simple theory... almost every place that we visited sells magnet! What's so special about that? Well, magnets are generally a gaijin's (foreigner) souvenir preference, almost all tourist spots in the world sells magnet. But for Japanese, they tend to favour handphone chains as gifts to friends and foodstuffs like preserved food or seasonings. It's true! I've been to places which caters to overseas tourists and local tourists and the stuffs they sells are slightly different.

We spent the night as New Miyako Hotel and had a lovely dinner.

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