Saturday, November 7, 2009

Japan Short Notes #12

Day 13- 28/09/09

I love Miyajima Island! It's so beautiful and the deers roamed around freely. The deers there luurve to eat papas, yes papers. They will come up to you, nudged around and grab any ticket stubs or brochures. We also saw them loitering at the front of the shops and one of them was eyeing a piece of A4 paper that states the price. When the paper conveniently fell to the ground, the deer rushes in and gobbled it up before anyone could react. They really love paper!

We were given a tour and history lesson on the Itsukushima Shrine.

For lunch, we ate very yummy tasting oysters. The owner gave us 2 for the price of 1. Twice!

Lastly, we visted the A Bomb site, Peace memorial park and museum.

We had a scare at the end of the day as we discovered that we left our camera at the museum! 
Fortunately, we managed to get it back and had a kind experience with an elderly caucasian couple. They were worried that we did not have enough money to take  a cab and offered us money. Fortunately we had enough and as fate had it, hubby met them at the computer room in New Miyaki Hotel, Kyoto.

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