Monday, November 2, 2009


Lovely steamboat lunch at Ron's place with Von & family. Played with Lu and Baby Sofia. Enjoyed ourselves catching up with old friends and dancing with the baby.

Von left around 4 +, hubby fell asleep on the couch, Ron and I chatted and watched Discovery Health. Wanted to leave at 6 + to library and town but dark clouds gathered and thunders were loud and threatening. In the end we ordered pizza and watched "Day of the Dead" and "License to wed" on cable.

It was nice to be indoor on a rainy day with strong winds. For awhile we imagined the rain to be snow and if I could fool myself hard enough, I could be anywhere with 4 seasons other than hot, humid Singapore.

Later in the night, hubby and I went to HV Cold storage and we encountered a guy covered in blood!
Yeah, Halloween.

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