Thursday, December 17, 2009

Classmates & Babies

Saturday was a lovely day of old classmates and babies.

After a year of past meet up, Jo decided to have a small gathering before 2009 ends and so we met at The coffee club @ Raffles City. We chatted and updated each other and gasp at news of long lost friends and marvel at pictures of babies, dogs and brother (me) I haven't seen in 15 years. 

Amazing how time flies  in the blink of an eye.. how the past just became my past just like that. How last year just became a blur. 

I am now indulging in my introspective self and I realised that my life will pass me by with nothing to remember for if I let it so. I need to have a grip, I need to make things matter. I need to have memories of mine that I will hold on to.

The days in school taught me so much and it was the foundation of my life. I learnt to be assertive, to speak up, to say "NO". I learnt that there are people like me who are in limbo and seeking affirmation. I learnt who are my friends to count on and I learnt growing up means making mistakes and taking the wrong road. I have learnt valuable lessons. On Sat, I was suddenly brought back to the days where we wore our blue pinafore and sat eating ice kachang and roti john and also to the day when we are called to leave our nest into the big bad world dressed in white (our school's graduation colour). That was the day I learnt to be an adult and it made me realised that in this world, my world is now my oyster and the sea is tempermental.


Dinner was at D&L's place. Anson is celebrating his 1 mth birthday and I was amazed that almost everyone has a kid, no make it 2. Babies and toddlers are everywhere! I felt left out.... do I hear a biological clock ticking?

Thank you Jo for the lovely earrings. Take a trip to Frue Frue for more pretties. 

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