Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Japan Short Notes #14

I can't believe that I'm still stuck on JSN after 2 months, but that's me.. I take so long to blog about anything!

I have folders on my mac with pictures that I painstakingly take because "one day I'm gonna blog about it.." and guess what? The no. of files are increasing each month! Ha!

Ok, I will try to make it short.

Day 15- 30/09/09

Spent the entire rainy day at Nara. Lots of small shops, lots of rain. I wouldn't mind going there to explore the nooks and creeks again. Saw lots of deer and Todaji Temple (but didn't enter). The deers are cute and hungry but their poops are not so cute when it's mixed with rain water and coats on your jeans. Eew! 

Day 16- 31/09/09
We spent the entire day at Universal Studio, Japan. I love theme parks but didn't get to sit on most of the rides as it was too crowded and have to fork out either another SGD 35 (approx for 2 pax) or wit an entire hour. We put the time to better usage and caught performance and taking pictures.


Day 17- 01/10/09

We walked around Osaka and along Dotombori.

Hotel stayed in: New Hankyu Hotel

Day 18- 02/10/09

Shopped around various shopping complexes and took the shinkansen to Yokohama in the evening. Reached 表 哥‘s home around 103opm.

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