Wednesday, December 2, 2009

walking down memory lane - 红孩儿

please excuse  me hubby, I'm taking a long walk into memory lane. The past is so much fun and there's so many thing that evokes memories and the joy I had when life and myself was simple.

here's 3 MV from 1989 or so to 1992. These chinese songs gave me an incentive to learn mandarin, so I can understand the lyrics, copy them when I can't afford to buy the cassette and had to record form the radio and also to read the taiwan magazines with their interviews. A cassette tape cost $5.50 and it's so hard to track their magazines. Unlike now, news on idols are a dime in the dozen. Before 5566, my childhood idols were 红孩儿 (Red Hot boys),小虎隊 (Little tigers) & Jimmy Lin.

Those are such fun times. I think I will choose a few MV just for my viewing pleasure when I'm bored, and for me to play them as background music when I surf the net. It brings me joy to look at them and remember how my aunt and I used to scream in excitment when a new album is released or when they appear on TV. Yup, no cable then, on Ch 5 & Ch 8.

初恋 -红孩儿



I can't believe 20 years have passed me by like that.

I will upload more MVs separately by 小虎隊.

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