Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's 2010

... for 6 days and counting. How's the year going on for you?

New Year's eve was pretty good. There was fun, food, family and dear friends. Hubby and I started the day by going to City Square Mall in the afternoon. It's a new eco friendly mall near Little India. We walked around and bought 2 pretty plates for Ron and trekked down Little India. I must say it's a place I wanna go and explore someday- there were lots of little shops & stalls that looked interesting and the aroma of spices and curry fills the air. Hmmm... I feel like eating Indian curry now- I think it's the cumin that makes it smells good. Cumin smells good when it's heated with oil, I have fried it with chick peas before and it smells like Indian food!

We went to Sheng Shiong at Tekka Mall area and bought cuttlefish and clams. It was quite funny as we (or rather I) was quite noisy choosing the cuttlefish (hard to choose mah and slippery) and chatting with the auntie about clams. Hubby say never mind, can entertain them. Haha.

We took a  bus down to Bukit Timah and walked to Cluny court for an Awfully Chocolate cake. I'm pretty disappointed as it was not as rich as it  previously was (when my CRM at ex work place bought for an occasion I can't remember). Ron was remarking as we savour in our memories of 2004-2005? When f & r were still around and for some reasons there were 2 huge AC cakes. Hmm.

Dinner was great steamboat - stock from ham bones and lots of food- fish, chicken, sabu beef, fishball, quail eggs, veg, calms, cuttelfish, tofu, tau pok, prawns. woot! We actually finished the existing stock and has to add prawn heads tot the remaining bones for a second round of prawn broth. Stuffed, we watched countdown and grumbled at Ch 5's party. In the end, we counted down to Ch 8's party and stretched our neck our to catch a glimpse of the lights - no sparkle, just lights. We heard greetings around the block and we shouted "Happy New Year" to be greeted with loud barking from an excited pooch. We laugh, drank sparkling juice and took a walk back home. The walk was around 30 mins and we were tired by the time we were home @1:45am. (We took a bus halfway and walked the remaining way as the bus ride has ended.)

I have a secret wish and I hope it will come true.

The next day, we decided to take it easy and lazed at home till evening. We visited hubby's grandmother at the hospital and went to Vivocity for a yummy Thai dinner @ Thai Ascent.


Some pictures from X'mas...

Lu's present

very pretty cookies baked by Ron & A. I HAD to take pictures of it!

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