Friday, January 15, 2010

Farting flowers & Sprouting leaves

It was one of those days.

Hubby & I came back and took our home clothes from the utility room. I sniffed at the air

Me: What is that smell? 
Hub: What smell? I farted.

I considered. Appreciated his honestly and went into our bedroom and opened the window. He entered and the smell fills the room.

Me: Are you sure you farted? Did  you fart again? The rooms smells!
Hub: (looks really innocent) No leh, I didn't.

The room was filled with an over powering smell, it smells like dried flowers from Ikea, little sourish and like the sap of grass in the morning dew, but not so fresh. I was thinking maybe a flowering tree? And I was right! The next day, we looked out and saw the tree covered with little light yellow stuffs and we took pictures of the evidence.

It's quite pretty to see little bulb of flowers covering the entire tree at a distance.

Close up of the flower bulb 02/01/10

09/01/10 When the flowers have bloomed and are starting to wither.

So we lived with the flowering tree and smell their "fragrance" for about 10 nights. I have no idea what it is call, I do know that it's a night flowering tree and I admit I'm happy that the season is over. Fresh air again! 

Another tree right outside my window sprouting new leaves.

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