Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm having a blast with my iPhone (white)! Happy as a clam! Wanted one since it came out Jan 2009 but it was monopolised by 1 telco (SingTel) and I didn't want to spend money on my phone. Always believed that a cell phone is for texting and calls, now I'm a convert! I have always loved Apple product. Had been using Apple Laptop since 2003! and had a few iPods too. And I had the urge to spend money and buy pretty pretty stuffs!

Haha.. Lucky, the urge to spend obscene money on my iPhone has passed since last Sat! Yup. it has been a week and I'm getting used to the phone, it's a really intelligent phone, just a gripe that the batt do drain rather quickly when I'm surfing online, and I kept typing the wrong letters and had to keep on back spacing it.

So hubby got a new line with M1 and got me the iPhone, while I signed on another  2 years (mum's line) and got him HTC Magix. At this moment, he's having fun playing games on the iPhone,  have downloaded a Jungle Crash game where you need to bomb stuffs and another penguin game. He has downloaded some can shooting game too.


Met up with hun again yesterday... I can't believe she will be leaving in 4 days. It's too soon! Time passes very quickly when we are out together, whether it's shopping for intimate products (=D), clothes, face products, PM, bags or just walking up and down shopping centre witch somehow seems to have very interesting things in every corner! I will always remember TBP as the "intimate" mall and this CNY as the year we entertained the guy at the escalator with the tiger and 6 digit nos.! hahah

Later we had dinner at GWC, TCC and bought a wedding gift at PM and was kinda sad that all the shops have closed. I hope we can do this again next week before she leaves. I think it would be great to go Perth and chill. To drink coffee and have cool wind blowing, to walk along the streets of Fremantle and to drive along big, empty roads with no high rise buildings obstructing and finally, I can see the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Doesn't it sounds chill?

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