Saturday, August 21, 2010

My favourite things this week

daily walks to the MRT station with hubby. Love the morning light.

wearing my favourite (yes, another) flat pair of shoes from URS. need to get a back up pair soon, this is going to wear off soon (yes, again)

from left:
1. a blue scrunchie that I bought because it looks cute and young :) 
2. my secret garden necklace from electric love letter
3. old old wore-it-to-death pair of sleeping shorts I had to throw away, because it's too fray to mend.

my wrist. scratched by my watch.
the story: battery had to be replaced. sent it to the city chain shop at GWC. guy apparently scratch the surface of the base while removing the lid off to change the batt. I ended up with mysterious scratches from a couple of days and finally took a closer look at my watch on Thursday and found the root cause. so angry with the shop. there's no point going back to ask them to do anything, I will simply not change my batt or buy anything from them ever. Thing is, I didn't like this CC shop for awhile bcos they weren't polite or friendly when I browse around a coupke of time. They gave the "you are probably too poor to buy anything" look. but I was desperate last weekend. sigh. love my 25 hour watch and yes. it's almost 10 years old, kinda rusty at the base but I love it to bits. just because. =D

it's an antique!

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