Monday, August 2, 2010

Music and photography

I'm thinking a lot and I'm feeling lousy. I can't seems to express myself and it seems music after work and taking pictures of anything seems to lift my spirits up.

Hanging out with people I enjoy and tapping on my right brain and eating good food are also plus points.

Gosh, I'm not making any sense here. 

Hope you like the pictures I've taken. It has been awhile since I played with my DSLR. Felt a little clumsy in my hands. Some of the shots were great though (I shamelessly say so myself- Hah!)


15 Mins Cafe 
(1 McNally Street, Lasalle college of Arts)
30/7/10, 8:30PM

Borders Music Showcase (Orchard) 
31/7/10, 3PM

A happy Start to the mid afternoon treat

Eunice Keitan & Cotton Island

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