Sunday, June 13, 2010

Makan_10: Margaret Drive -Hokkien Mee

Hubby & I went pak tor yesterday. :) We went to Queenstown Library to collect my books and decided to eat Hokkien Mee at the hawker centre there. Can't believe they will be demolishing it soon. Lucky for us, the demolition was delayed and we are making our way there pretty often to eat the Char Kuey Teow. The CKT is to die for... so many si hum and it's so gooood! yumz.

The hokkien mee is not too bad either, the above portion is $4. I had the $3 portion and there were 5 prawns in it. 5 prawns leh! How many hawker or food court you go to has more than 2 prawns in their hokkien mee??

Anyway after that we went to Orchard and I bought a new iPhone cover. I really like the Hello Kitty and another red cover but it's too ex... and we walked around in Ion and Borders.

@ Blk 40A, Commonwealth Ave

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