Sunday, June 27, 2010

I can see the view from the window

Last 2 weeks at work was pretty busy and fulfilling as I get to strike many things off on my To-Do list.

We cleared a total of 11 laptops and 11 boxes of site equipments! That's 11 HUGE boxes that used to occupy the place next to the windows and piled higher than the printer!

Next on the list- TMF archival to complete. That is a pending to-do for a while now.....


Work seems to be never-ending and I don't seems to have enough time.. sometimes I wonder am I too slow. sigh. Anyhow, will be on course this week - Tues onwards at a place I would not like to step foot in again. And being paranoid and irrational because that's the likely place I was infected at last year at the exact same period as now. And that made hubby and I cancelled our Taiwan trip (insurance claimed) and was quarantined during our anniversay (YEeesS! We will be hitting 3 years in 3 days!) ... and according to the list of participants in the email, I may meet some of the acquaintance from ex companies - not really looking forward to that in a way (but then again, they were really brief acquaintances so may be alright). Let's see.

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