Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meeting Mr Precious Moments himself!

I have always have a thing for precious moments.. it's their eyes, or simply because they are so innocent and cute. I received my first PM figurine gift when I was 17 or 18.... and I'm sold!

I've counted and I have about 13 figurines at home. I just want to buy everything! But $ and space is always an issue with me. Anyway I'm adding on to my collection slowly and enjoying them in the shops.

 Sat, hubby and I went for the PM event at Raffles City and we get to see Mr Sam Butcher, the creator of PM. For a man with such a fierce surname, he is genteel and patient. He signs on each figurines and doll carefully. My guess is he's pushing 80 but I hope he will create more stories with each figurines.

Posing with our figurines. The staffs are very nice and excited to take pictures all the time. I think they must have liked PM too.

Holiday surprises are filled with air

Love is always with us

I'll be your shelter in the storm

God is our shelter and our protector from all the rages in the world. Let us live in His glory!

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