Saturday, September 26, 2009

Japan Short Notes #5

Day 5 - 20/09/09

Went to a アルパカ farm with K & family. アルパカar-ru-pa-ka is also known as alpaca.
They are so cute, I fed them and their tongue feels like a dog, they just lick the food off your palm.
Found this on youtube and K told me that alpaca became popular after this ad, cos they are so fluffy!

Following that, we went to Mitsui Outlet park Yokohama Bayside. Some clothes are really nice, but I consider ex as they are not suitable for Sg climate.

Day 6 - 21/09/09

PH: Respect for elders Day (no kidding!)

Monday. Sunny. Weather was starting to get hot again. except for occasional cool winds. We went to
Yokohama Motion Blue (Bayside Area- Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Area) and listened to a jazz
performance with Cousin T and wife and her sister. The performers was a band known as Time Five, a
group that was formed 41 years ago! Great performance! I really enjoyed myself
and T shouted "Encore" at the end and they obliged with another song.
It was my first time in a jazz bar, great experience.

Earlier in the day, before going to the shopping area, we queued at a Ramen shop (Er Lang Ramen) for 1
hour!!!! That's very long! Shop has space for only 8 people, really like what you see on TV. The noodle
portion was HUGE! About 650¥ (SGD 10), cheap for Japan standard. Pork based soup, 2 slices of pork
that was so soft and tender. But I felt the soup was a little too oily for me. One bad thing happened though,
I was splashed with a cup of water in the shop by a customer. He tripped and I was wet. He was really
apologetic and the cook and owner there gave me towels and keep saying sorry and trying to clean me. I was
naturally pissed but pai sey cos centre of attention but was thankful thay it's just water and not hot tea!

After lunch, we walked around the Hillside area, lots of shopping centre, lots of people as it was a PH.
There were busking, fire performance and lots of rides. There was a lot of event going on as they celebrates
Yokohama 150th anniversary.Went to H&M and they crowd was 'WHOA'! The first and only H&M shop
in Yokohama, that's why alot of people were shopping there. Also visited Hard Rock.

To celebrate Yokohama 150th anniversary, there was alot of events, Have a look here. There was a mechanical
robot designed by a French art group La Machine. They call it spider, we watched the performance where it spurt
water and walks menacingly from a bridge, for free!

After the performance, we took a walk along the Mother Port area and admire the lights of the port towards
Chinatown. Dinner was chinese noodle Kiam Chey soup at a Chinese restaurant at Yokohama Chinatown.
Also visited cousin-in-law's sister's apartment. Her dog is very cute, mixed of Beagle and Pug, funny face
they say but he looks at you adoringly when you stroked him.And she has a LV luggage! Though I would
only see that in magazines with Hollywood stars. Her bag is an antique!

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