Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Japan Short Notes #2

Day 2 - 17/09/09

We went Yokohama Station and shopped around. Ate Mister Donut for the first time and saw people queueing for Krispy Creme donuts. Will try when I have the chance. Mister Donut is just so so. The texture of the bread is rather soft and on the 'wet' side, not as nice as the donuts in Sg, The Donut Factory.

Was amazed at R. He was active and energetic for the entire 6 hours that we were out.

Dinner was home cooked food.

Day 3 - 18/09/09

Spent the day at Yokohama Sea Paradise. The aquarium was awesome! It's simply huge, the fishes are next to you and it's an amazing experience to have school of fishes swimming above you in close proximity. Feels surreal. It's about 3 stories high with about 100 000 sea creatures.

I was able to stroke a whale (feels like leather) and touched a star fish (very rough). I didn't touched the dolphin as they didn't swim close to the side of the tank. We watched the performance by the sea animals - Great! and took the roller coaster ride, viking and the 107m drop one (I chickened out on that).

As a family, we went to a sushi restaurant and ate conveyer belt sushi at 100¥ each. Tried natto sushi and scallop and ebi sushi. We were stuffed!!!

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