Thursday, September 24, 2009

Japan Short Notes #3

Day 4 - 19/09/09

Took a train to Kawasaki, a station between Yokohama and Tokyo. The crowd is starting to form at various shopping centre because of the pending long weekend.

We ate ice cream. The ice cream was only a quarter, remaining is filled with krispy cereals. Because it's autumn, there's alot of limited edition products. Eg. Pumpkin, sweet potato and chestnut. Yup, there's a chestnut on the ice cream.

We listened to a mini concert at the shopping centre - Larzona and drank Strabucks coffee- Creme Brulee. Similar to Sg Caramel Macchiato. This artist is not well known. Not may people lined up for her autograph. Her album cost close to 3000¥. Almost SGD 45!
We also went to Kawasaki B shopping mall but I prefer Larzona. Niece K bought us a roll cake form Man Chou Chou. Famous from Osaka. It's so soft, the cream in the middle is oh so smooth, it's perfect!

Dinner was home cooked food. K cooked fried noodles Japanese style. =D

Pardon the quality of the photographs. These are taken by my mobile for blogging. I did not ask my cousin T for another SD card adaptor.

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