Monday, August 20, 2007

As promised- Black ink Squid

There you go! Fettucine cooked with black squid ink. top with sun dried tomatos and grated cheese. An interesting dish!
our mouth is black, we need black napkins, the tissues that we used to clean our lips are black.. we looked perpetually poisoned! hah!
no fishy taste. well cooked. too much for 1.. just nice fot 2. if you finished the entire plate, you may feel sick... too "jelate".
Love trying out food. and eversince i tried my black squid ink ice cream last year at Hakodate (hokkiado), i'm eager to try all food related to black squid ink.
There a shop , outside Golden village in great world city that sells squid ink bread! hmmm.... soft fluffy bread. shd taste good with dips.

Fettucine in Black Squid Ink $19 @Friends at Jelita
Not recomended for 1st dates, if you do survive that, then he/she is meant for you!

1 comment:

sher said...

jus realise ur affinity with food in black...wat next?

pulot hitam!