Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hubby's Birthday

As I was saying, hubby is a simple man, we had a quiet celebration at home on Sun. Mum cooked steam fish, roast chicken meat , watercrass soup and we had a birthday cake.
The birthday cake was actually our wedding cake that we didnt collect from Raffles.
When he went to collect the cake on Sun, he was informed that the pastry chef wasn't happy with the quality of the cake, therefore, wasn't able to give it to him.
Instead, they hand delivered the cake to our home in the evening! My! What kind of service was that? We are duly impressed!

The design of the cake left much to e desired.It's coated in pink icing with some fake flowers (guess since it's for wedding.. but yucks..old fashioned 60s, 70s design..) but after removing the thick pink icing from the cake, the chocolate cake is heaven. Thick chocolate, spongy and warm.. it fills the mouth.
#will show the pix of cake if I remember in future#

Using HSBC 1 for 1 voucher, we ate at Patara Fine Thai at Tanglin Mall yesterday.
It's not too bad. the is not nice. meat is hard, the fats not smooth like the one we had at Food for Thought.
But try the Phuket Tulip crab curry. the meat is plentiful. We also had the New Zealand lamb, nice! No "smell", tender, the chilli was shiok but as the restaurant was really cold, the lamb turns cold pretty fast. Served with spring roll and salad.

Happy Birthday once again! muakz.

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