Sunday, August 5, 2007


We are going to Gold Coast for our honeymoon!
It was a long long wait of 3 hrs just to get attended to.
Our mistake, we wanted to get a discount and thought that by going to the fair at Millenia walk, it would be settled within an hr. Oh no, it's small, the Q is long and the booking system are not linked to the main shop!
so in order not to waste anymore time, we went down to people's park and to get eerything settled at the main branch.


The Q is LONGER!!! there's a numbering system. It's like a polyclinic!!!!
we reached at ard 1730, took a no. 2276. the no. on the screen flickered.. 2220...
at 1830... the number crawls to 2236...

i'm going to die....

the hubby is patient.. i'm not. i started to fidget.
then he suggest.. listen to your ipod. i resist (dunno why), just being an irritant.

at 1900... jumps to 2254...
yay.. it's reaching...

i took out the ipod, he went to buy muah chii, we listened to "Beautiful worship".
i felt better. calmer and feet started tapping to the beat.

finally at 1930 ... its our turn.
yes.. the date is avaible. i'm sorry there's only 2 who are booked. we need 15 to go. it's not confirmed...
we will inform you 2 weeks before the departure dates. we can let arrange for another location where there is a confirmed group ... nooooo..... we need a confirmation.
* we were dejected"
why don't you join the free and easy tour?
*we lighted up.*
can you help us to check the tickets and accomodation here?
no... (points to the F&E counter) you need to re queue...


but it's only 2 more to wait.

haiz.. okkaay...

and so we wait, a nice little albeit blur girl attended to us. she is so cheerful and happy. think it rubs off me.
we got our dates, choose our room. settled the cost.
not too much of a price difference as we wanted to extend the trip.
reminds me why we didn't like joining tour groups.
hard to get confirmation unless it's for sell out destinations during popular dates.
otherwise, we have to wait with bated breath for confirmation.

and i'm sorry, dearie for being a grouch.

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