Sunday, August 26, 2007

food for thoughts for our birthday

So we (Renai, Roy, Hubby and myself) gathered at Lorraine's newly opened deli "Food for Thought" at South Bridge Road, opposite the National Library for a celebrations of birthdays.
Both Renai and hubby falls on the same day.Lorraine on the 30th and mine is one week later from today.

I like the concept of the deli, it's warm, cosy, the set up english with cupcakes and many cakes, brownies, cookies and handwritten chalk on all the blackboards.
The menus, the name of the chef and waiters and waitresses which their quirks are all listed.
It's gets a little crowded as diners started arriving at 7.30 pm.
but it's friendly!

We ordered the sandwich sampler set for four and we had the Shitake mushroom fennel soup and the very delicious potato Leek bacon soup. it's so good and sinful (hubby had it) and salty due to the bacon.. but i like! My shitake was good and healthy, no cream was used for th soup and there were sooo many shitake mushrooms and it's very filling.
we also had a chinese casear salad and


my favourite! it's call TLC (Tomato, Lemongrass and corns). very unusual. with olive oil ( i think) dressing. i just like it's taste.
Their slow roasted pull pork sandwich is also my favourite, together with the braised pork sandwich - very sinfu! But gosh, it melts. We didn't try their desseert as Renai baked some cupcakes that she requested Lorraine to heat up in the oven. We had the "Kan Bei- cheers" with the cupcakes with Lorraine and Yee and set off shortly as the shop is closing.
check out for the yummy menu with pictures attached! =)

We ended up in Ridout Mac. Watched their wedding videos, shared our wedding pictures, both studio and actual days (very nice), chatted and realised that one year ago, we were all single.. now married. Joked that babies would be next. It's a wonder how topics changed as we grow old. how we change in our thinking. Not jaded, but somehow resigned that this is a natural progression. We chatted between photographs, cuppacino, ice tea and lime juice and started yawning. (It's 1130pm). another sign of age creeping up on us.

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