Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The new starbucks logo looks weird!

In this undated product image provided by Starbucks, the company's new 40-year anniversary logo is seen on a cup at right. Other cups bearing the company's logo from over the years, from left, 1971, 1987, and 1992, are also shown. (AP Photo/Starbucks)


So it's official, starbucks has released it's new logo in Sg today and boy it does look weird to me!

I have to agree with some comments I read in the branding online website. I never really paid attention to what was in the centre of the logo (i know it's a siren of some sort) but I definitely identified the coffee house by it's green border!

It seems they are dropping the word "Starbucks coffee" to include a vaster range of products. But I think the (too) green siren is too in your face.

To me, Starbucks= Coffee.

I hope with all the logo changes, their coffee will still remain a top piority and the standard remains the same, if not better.

I think changes will require some time to get use to. I'm not very good with changes, especially with things that I'm too familiar with. I just want things to remain a certain way that I hold comfort to. It's nostalgia and security. This applies to many more than just starbucks.

ps: do you know that coca cola is going to remove their brand name? And 7 up is going to have a new logo (positive change)?

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