Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Makan_11: Galilee's Fish and chips

It rained heavily last Sat. We took a trip to Queenstown NLB to reloot my books. I was so excited to spot 2 hardcover books that were newly released, that I had to borrow it. I personally prefer paperback because it is lighter but hardcover books looks so serious and the paper they used are of much better quality.

Hubby bought a cookies and cream coffee ice blended and was impressed by it. We decided to have our dinner at Cafe Galilee at the library.

I had the fish and chips. Huge portion, great deal for $7.50.

Hubby had the Roastery Chicken Leg. It was a little tough, he thinks it could be an overnight portion. I suspected over cooking, causing the loss of tenderness. $7.90.

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