Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Sophia

My dearest friend hunnie has given birth to a baby girl yesterday at 1816. Woot!

The strangest thing was I had a dream of her having contractions and was going to give birth soon on Friday night/ Sat morning! I dreamt that she was telling me that it's painful and she was lying on the bed. I MSG her and she told me she was having contractions since 3 am! Wow ! That was strange and pyschic. She had contractions the entire Sat with an interval of 5-8 mins, and I was informed by Gavin that she was in labour suite on Sun when I MSG her around 1pm.

Hehe. Now baby Sophia and my mummy share the same birthday :)

I'm so happy that both of them are well and healthy and congratulations once again to hunnie and Gavin with their lovely Sophia!

Uncle & auntie Mooch are looking forward to meeting you!

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