Sunday, March 13, 2011

Celebrating mummy's Birthday

Today my mummy turns *ahem* in her fifties. We had an early birthday celebration for her at Wan Hao, Sg Marriot Hotel.

We had a feast eating dim sum and it's worth every penny!

Clockwise from left: Braised beef tendons with radish (so good and tender), 烧肉(BBQ pork), yam cake with 香肠(Chinese sausage) and 虾交 (prawn dumplings )

Chicken with frog leg and Chinese sausage

Salmon and Garoupa Siew Mai

Clockwise from left: Fish congee, deep fried enoki mushrooms (I can't remember what else is in there), coffee pork and prawn and beancurd in ma la sauce

Clockwise from left: Chinese bai cai, bass fish fillet with Nonya sauce, 上汤水交 ( dumplings in soup) and an assortment of custard bun, gyoza,chicken Siew Mai, pork bun.

There's also a yam pastry with minced meat and shrimp paste and char Siew pastry (not pictured)

We walked around Orchard and bought a bag for mummy. I was disappointed to find the Japanese shop selling delicate pastries and Mochi no longer at Takashimaya B2, near Cold Storage. They had such pretty stuffs!

We moved on to GWC and shared a spicy tuna pasta and ceaser salad amongst us at Coffee Bean.

Today we bought a strawberry shortcake and sang "Happy Birthday!"
Wishing mummy good health and happiness always!

~Note: this post was written 14/3, 12:15pm after the previous post was eaten up!

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