Sunday, December 19, 2010

Turkey - An amazing trip!

Blue Mosque

Basilica Cistern (Yerebetan Sarnici)- underground reservoir

where the statue of Medusa's head lies..

Bosphorus - strait that forms part of the boundary between Europe and Asia.

Lunch- Chicken kebab with rice and mashed potatoes

We (together with the bus) rode across the Bosphorus on a ship.

The medusa (blue) eye trinklets

Interesting packaging

Troy- Replica of the wooden Trojan horse

Pergamon - Acropolis


View from the bus

Selcuk - Ephesus - House of Virgin Mary

Interesting snail. Initially I thought it was a fossil, but on closer look, realised that it was alive!

Ephesus- one of the largest archeological sites in existence. Amazing 1.5hr walk!

This used to be one of the top 3 largest library

Cotton Castle
formed by calcareous hot spring waters flowing down the mountains.

hubby walking on the slimy limstone. water is cold!
Gorgeous view!

I love this so much! Yogurt with honey and poppy seeds. 5 lira = S$5.50 We had 2! shared amongst the 3 of us. yums! :)

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Anonymous said...

Breathtakingly beautiful!!! I'd definitely have to visit, right?

Have a great weekend.