Thursday, December 30, 2010

Counting my blessings ...

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,

For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


It has been a good year and I'm thankful for all blessings and gifts.
Thankful for my family, my Hubby, my health, my friends and all the goodness and love that is everywhere.
Thankful that my 2 lovely friends are blessed with a child.

Let me count my blessings...

Full moon on the 1st Jan and the lovely walk hubby and I had walking home from Queenstown in the crisp night.

Starting my new job and getting to work each day and being able to see my 2 treasured friends.

Putting my organisation skills to work. Planning and executing a trainig session at M Hotel and meeting lovely people from Philipines.

Loving yummy food and admiring the heart and effort chefs invested when preparing great food. 

Grateful to be able to taste sweet, sour, spicy and bitter. Grateful for the feelings evoked by food and loving comfort food and also the memories the first bite of comfort food brings.

Visiting hunnie and driving down south visiting scenic spots, drinking and eating fabulous food and wine. Staying in lovely cabins and keeping warm in front of the fireplace for the very first time!

Thankful for great friends like hunnie & G who extended their hospitality and opening their home to us :) who did so much to make us comfortable and well fed (hehe) THANK YOu!!!!

And it was a memorable experience for me because I climbed a tall vertical tree for the first time in my life. I overcome my fear and moved onwards and upwards focusing only on hubby, hunnie & G at the finishing point. I felt really accomplised!

I'm thankful that Ron had a safe and speedy delivery and my second Godson Maximus is born!

I'm also thankful for the gorgeous diamond ring hubby got for me and for celebrating our 3 years wedding anniversary.

Celebrating hubby's convocation after all his hard work. My heart is filled with pride as his name is flashed on the screen and he walked on the stage.

Wishing you all the best and to many more 'stage walking' in the future.. Hehe.

Our friend Eunice sucessfully releasing her album after years of hard work. I thank God for showering her with blessings and for her wonderful voice. I had loads of fun photographing, videoing and attending her many gigs.

Looking forward to more performances and praying for a lucky break into the tight music scene in Asia.

Having our relatives visiting from Japan brings great joy to us. We had lots of fun and laughter and tons of good food. We visited the Zoo, watched a performance at Art House, ate and watched belly dance performance at a Persian restaurant.

I'm also thankful for the opportunity to chat with hubby's cousin, D and getting acquainted with new friends.

Thanking God for letting me celebrate my 32nd birthday! Each day, each year without falling sick is a blessing. Good health is a blessing!

Grateful for surprise cakes, card and present from friends at work and a big hug to SY who surprised me with a high tea at the Ritz! Thank you!

Thankful for true love and happy marriages! Attended a lovely wedding of HS at Four Seasons hotel. Pretty brides and joyous laughter. 要幸福哦!

Grateful for bring able to walk, to breathe, to eat, to feel, to be alive! Life itself is a gift... I need to remind myself when I'm in despair and take things for granted.

Thankful for the opportunity to visit Turkey, an amazing country.

Visiting Turkey leaves me feeling in awe over thousands of years of history, geography and sadness over years of fights and struggles. Standing on historical grounds and driving on the modernised silk road is simply amazing. As the scenery passes me by, I can picture old caravans and weary travellers in tough conditions. How fortunate we are to be traveling in coach buses with heating facilities! To be protected from harsh weather conditions and being fed with good,
nutritious food. How thankful I am that almost every Sg have a roof over our head and not left homeless or begging for food.

We travelled more than 1000 km over 8 days and it made me sing praises of God's wonder and creation. I pray for religious tolerance and respect for 2011 and for years to come and for all to co exist peacefully.

2010 is filled with so much wonderful memories. How can I top it in 2011?

365 new days stares back at me expectantly and honestly I'm scared of what the new year holds.

I will have to banish negative thoughts and emotions and look forward to the good, the bad and the unexpected. God will be in charge and relax lah.. 2011 will be fantabulous!

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